High Net Worth Divorce

High-asset divorces require sophisticated analysis and a customized approach. Our clients often have complex asset portfolios and unique assets. The attorneys at Brinkley Morgan have experience handling a wide variety of assets including family-owned businesses, professional practices, trusts, executive compensation packages, private investments, commercial and residential real estate, yachts, luxury vehicles and collectibles. We routinely work with forensic accountants and valuation experts to assist in valuing, evaluating and preserving our clients’ assets both during and after the divorce process.

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Complex Divorce Litigation

While a reasonable, amicable resolution of a contested matter is always preferred, we provide thoughtful, strategic and efficient presentations of civil and family matters, whether pending before hearing officers, at trial and/or at appellate levels.

Negotiated Settlements

Many divorce and other family law cases can and should be resolved by settlement. Frequently, we are able to achieve more sophisticated, nuanced and beneficial outcomes for our clients through mediation and negotiated settlement than can be achieved in a court room. Our attorneys who are seasoned negotiators, will work to develop creative settlement agreements which protect what is most important to you in your family law matter, no matter what is at issue. The process involves weighing risks and goals associated with your matter, and memorializing enforceable settlements to best fit the needs of any particular circumstance.

Real Estate Planning

Florida Bar Board Certified Experts in Real Estate are available to provide specialized counsel relating to both residential and commercial real estate holdings.

Tax and Financial Planning

Florida Bar Board Certified experts in Tax are available to provide specialized tax counsel.