Marital and Family Law

Brinkley Morgan is one of the leading Marital and Family Law firms in the United States. Our attorneys proactively represent clients to help them resolve personal and financial matters associated with dissolutions of marriages, paternity claims and adoption.

Child Support

Children have the right to financial support from both parents. Child support is a parent’s court-ordered payment to help with the costs of raising a child. Generally speaking, child support is determined from a combination of each parent’s income and overnight timesharing arrangements.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternate dispute resolution option over traditional legal divorce proceedings. When appropriate and upon mutual agreement, parties can utilize a legal process which enables them to dissolve their marriage by working with their collaborative team of professionals, including lawyers, life coaches and financial professionals, to achieve settlement.

Domestic Violence Protection

Domestic violence takes many forms, including physical; emotional; economic; sexual; and stalking and/or general harassment. We provide clients with domestic violence protection whether you are a victim of domestic violence, or a victim of being wrongly accused of domestic violence.

LGBTQ Representation

Proudly providing fair and impartial representation to the LGBTQ community in all areas of family law matters including prenuptial agreements, dissolutions and postnuptial agreements.

Litigation and Appeals

While a reasonable, amicable resolution of a contested matter is always preferred, we provide thoughtful, strategic and efficient presentations of civil and family matters, whether pending before hearing officers, at trial and/or at appellate levels.

Spousal Support / Maintenance / Alimony

Whether connected or unconnected with a dissolution proceeding, we seek and defend the appropriate entitlements of parties when financial support is at issue in a matter. We navigate the entitlement, amount, duration and type of alimony one may pursue or defend against.

Marital Settlement Agreements

Vast experience in drafting the most basic to the most intricate of agreements to resolve marital discord. Each agreement is specifically tailored to the particular needs of a client and situation, setting forth the terms and obligations agreed upon by parties.


Providing representation through a process whereby a neutral third person acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties. It is an informal and non-adversarial process with the objective of helping the disputing parties reach mutually acceptable and voluntary agreements.

Negotiated Settlements

When appropriate, our attorneys who are seasoned negotiators, will work to craft settlement agreements which protect what is most important to you in your family law matter, no matter what is at issue. The process involves weighing risks and goals associated with your matter, and memorializing enforceable settlements to best fit the needs of any particular circumstance.

Parental Timesharing

Whether in a dissolution or parental context, we carefully craft parenting plans which will outline child support obligations, timesharing, parental responsibilities and all other relevant details pertaining to minor children of a relationship. The plan will also outline and include terms to facilitate meaningful and responsible co-parenting.

Postnuptial Disputes

The Firm’s seasoned family law attorneys provide zealous representation in all postnuptial disputes.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our experienced attorneys regularly prepare and enforce sophisticated prenuptial agreements for high-net worth individuals.

Equitable Distribution

Florida law requires an equitable division of property between divorcing spouses, whether asset or liability based, as well as being marital or non-marital in nature. Each divorce involves identification and valuation of that property, establishing a desired distribution and then addressing other issues which may be germane to your matter. Our attorneys handle basic distributions to the most complex, contested, high net worth matters, oftentimes utilizing forensic and business related valuations.

Real Estate Planning

Florida Bar Board Certified Experts in Real Estate are available to provide specialized counsel.

Tax and Financial Planning

Florida Bar Board Certified experts in Tax are available to provide specialized tax counsel.