Press Release

Brinkley Morgan Honored as a “Family Friendly Law Firm”

Brinkley Morgan is honored and thrilled to be selected the most the Family Friendly Law Firm in Palm Beach County by the Palm Beach County Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (PBC FAWL). Brinkley Morgan received the “Family Friendly Law Firm” award at the PBC FAWL’s Justice Barbara Pariente Award Reception on Wed., Sept. 12 at the Hilton in West Palm Beach.

The “Family Friendly Law Firm” award recognizes law firms that offer work environments which promote work-life balance and other family-friendly benefits, such as a generous family leave policy; support, retention and promotion of lawyers and staff on flex-time or balanced-hours schedules; technical support for lawyers and staff who telecommute; and mentoring programs for lawyers with children.

Recognizing the importance of family, Brinkley Morgan’s goal is to ensure that the attorneys and staff can successfully manage the balance and juggling of both career and family. The firm takes a progressive approach to its policies and is always willing to consider creative options for maternity leave, working remotely, and flexible work schedules. Health insurance and other benefits are provided for both full-time and part-time employees. The firm hosts annual picnics, holiday parties and charity events for attorneys, staff and their families.

“I recently had a baby and the firm has given me the support and flexibility to continue doing what I love, while also getting to enjoy the experience of being a new mom,” said Julia Wyda, one of the firm’s family law associates. “I think the environment Brinkley Morgan has created is extremely unique, and the firm truly wants all of its employees to be successful both at work and home.  I have some of the best role models anyone could ask for in terms of leading a fulfilling professional life and a happy, thriving personal life.”

“Since its inception, Brinkley Morgan has striven to create an enjoyable work environment for our staff and attorneys while offering exceptional service to our clients,” said the firm’s managing partner, Roberta Stanley, who has a family of her own, including four grandchildren. “For many of us, the firm is like our second home. We know how important it is to take care of all our team members, as we owe much of our success to their hard work and dedication.”