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Brinkley Morgan is committed to providing Florida with the best legal information, service and community support. As part of this commitment, we pride ourselves on being a true resource to our region. Below you will find helpful information and updates on relevant legal matters, our continued achievements in legal service, and our support of the community.

Marital & Family Law Articles

Stronger Together: Five Women Unite To Serve Family Law Clients

Marital & Family Law Articles

Lifetime Achievement: Roberta Stanley Leaves a Family Law Legacy

Business and Business Litigation Press Release

Broward Performing Arts Foundation Announces Board and Committee Chair Elections

Marital & Family Law Blog

Premarital Agreements in Florida

Press Release

Brinkley Morgan Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Business and Business Litigation Real Estate Articles

Families could be headed for disaster over unpaid rent during COVID-19

Real Estate Business and Business Litigation Articles

Renters cheer, landlords fume at last-minute extension of Florida’s eviction moratorium

Business and Business Litigation Real Estate Articles

3 Things To Watch As COVID-19 Real Estate Litigation Looms

Trusts and Estates Blog

How THE SECURE ACT Affects your Retirement Plans

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