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Brinkley Morgan is committed to providing Florida with the best legal information, service and community support. As part of this commitment, we pride ourselves on being a true resource to our region. Below you will find helpful information and updates on relevant legal matters, our continued achievements in legal service, and our support of the community.

Real Estate Taxation Trusts and Estates Blog

Florida’s Homestead Laws May Trump Your Estate Plan

Trusts and Estates Blog

Trust Protectors: A Love Story

Marital & Family Law Blog

Homestead Protection… Are You Sure?

Business and Business Litigation Blog

Attorney-Client Communication from the Business May Not Work

Trusts and Estates Blog

Don’t Be Like Prince – Don’t Die Without a Will

Real Estate Blog

So Far, So Good – Six Months of T.R.I.D.

Real Estate Articles

Finding Solutions to Real Estate Challenges

Business and Business Litigation Blog

Non-Compete Agreements and Other Restrictive Covenants

Business and Business Litigation Blog

Suing a Non-Florida Resident in Florida

Trusts and Estates Blog

Are All of Your Estate Planning Documents Current?

Trusts and Estates Blog

Choose Your Trustee (and Other Fiduciaries) Wisely

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